New Years Resolutions..Still on Track?

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New Year, New You..Maybe? We have all just rolled into 2013, and many of us had our New Years resolutions all thought out and ready for the turn of the clock. New year new you, right? Many of us had aspirations of losing weight, getting more organized or spending less and saving more! No matter what your resolution was or is, the real question is did you stick to it moving into February? The Stats Why is it so hard for us to maintain a promise...

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New Year, New DO!

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Is it time to update that do?  Now is the right time to get a new style and color. A new year can bring lots of changes, and many of us have a litany of resolutions that we would like to tackle. One of the easiest ways to get a new outlook on life, and see a new stylish you, is to change that do! We are going to take you through the steps on how to find a new look, and make that happen with your stylist. Remember from a recent blog post, your...

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Let’s Party, February Edition!

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It’s time to party once again at Enlighten Studio! Some of you may remember our fun little event we had back in September called Glossy Night Out. It was an amazing party! Guests who attended this were treated to a Gloss Sync Color Service, Professional Blow Out, Mini Makeup lesson, along with fun treats to eat, and sip. Our DJ kept the party hopping all night long.     Since this was such a great event back in September, we decided to do...

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Your Stylist is Your Partner

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I get the privilege of working with so many wonderful people, and the best thing about my job is that my clients LET me help them with the look they want to present to the world. Today, one of my favorite clients came in and we have gone from blonde highlights, back to her natural color, to a deep cherry color. Through out each new look I made sure she knew what to expect, how she should care for her new color, and the types of products that...

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