How To Look Your Best on your Wedding Day – Part III

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So far in this series, we’ve covered the How and Why: How to find your beauty team for your wedding and Why you need a beauty team; today, I’ll cover the ​issue of timing–When to book your beauty team. Let’s say you totally agree with parts 1 and 2, and you’ve found the beauty experts that are right for you. When do you book them? Actually, let’s back up just a little bit. When do you start looking for the team that’s right for you?...

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How To Look Your Best on your Wedding Day – Part I

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Planning your wedding? Think you have all of your Ts crossed, and Is dotted? But do you have your wedding day beauty booked yet?? No? That’s okay, I’m here to help you break down how to find the right beauty team for your big day! You will find the right beauty experts for you by simply asking. Who should you ask? There are 3 key people who are probably already a part of making your big day as special as it can be. #1 Your Wedding Planner. They...

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New Year, New DO!

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Is it time to update that do?  Now is the right time to get a new style and color. A new year can bring lots of changes, and many of us have a litany of resolutions that we would like to tackle. One of the easiest ways to get a new outlook on life, and see a new stylish you, is to change that do! We are going to take you through the steps on how to find a new look, and make that happen with your stylist. Remember from a recent blog post, your...

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