Sign on the dotted line!

Sign on the dotted line!

Before you get to sign that marriage certificate, you will have to sign many other contracts for your big day. Most wedding vendors have something they have you sign to ensure both parties are benefiting from the transaction. It will usually outline what and when you will receive products or services from the vendor and what/when you will be paying the vendor for those products and services rendered.

Now with all of that said, this is the first year I, both as a stylist and business owner, have ever required a contract for services rendered for a bridal party. Why is that? In the past, I have only ever done bridal services for long-time clients or the friends and family of long-time clients. Thankfully, I have never been burned. I guess I thought no one would ever try to pull one over on me, but I’m lucky. Now, since I have a very strong presence in my local wedding industry, I have heard too many stories of wedding vendors not getting paid, including fellow beauty professionals. That’s when I decided I should not tempt fate any longer and create a contract.

I would encourage you to find beauty professionals that have a contract–mostly to protect yourself. As I have mentioned in a previous blog, I have been called in at the last minute to “cover” for beauty teams that flake out last minute. Unfortunately, some of these brides did not have a contract and did not know what type of recourse they could take.

Here are few things you should expect to find in your contract with your Beauty Team

  • A full list of Bridal Services/Packages and Prices
  • Terms for scheduling Pre-Wedding day appointments
  • Wedding party instructions: How each wedding party member receiving services should arrive on the day of the wedding, i.e. clean dry hair, clean face sans moisturizer, etc.
  • Deposit schedule, and when/how final payment is due.
  • Cancellation policies and possible fees associated with late cancellations.
  • When and where wedding day services will be rendered.
  • Any miscellaneous charges

Be sure to ask your stylist or salon wedding coordinator any questions you have and have them note any changes to your contract BEFORE you sign on the dotted line. Don’t fret about this contract! Remember, it protects you and should help you feel more at ease about what to expect on your big day. Now you can sit back & enjoy your beauty team pampering you on your big day!