New Years Resolutions..Still on Track?

New Year, New You..Maybe?

We have all just rolled into 2013, and many of us had our New Years resolutions all thought out and ready for the turn of the clock. New year new you, right? Many of us had aspirations of losing weight, getting more organized or spending less and saving more! No matter what your resolution was or is, the real question is did you stick to it moving into February?

The Stats

Why is it so hard for us to maintain a promise we made to ourselves to somehow better our lives? According to statistics 45% of Americans make a New Years resolution, and only about 8% actually achieve their goal! How important is this resolution to you? Is 2013 the year to break old habits and begin a new routine for yourself?


Many people say if you share your resolution with close friends and loved ones it will help achieve your goal. Now that the end of January is in sight you need to ask yourself what have you done to achieve your goal? Do you want to be part of the 36% that doesn’t even make it through the first month or would you rather be part of the 8% that actually improved themselves in 2013? I know which group I would want to be in! So lets make 2013 the best year yet!

Share with us how you have stayed with your resolution. We can all help each other achieve each of our goals!

Written by Leah Wood