Your Stylist is Your Partner

I get the privilege of working with so many wonderful people, and the best thing about my job is that my clients LET me help them with the look they want to present to the world.

Today, one of my favorite clients came in and we have gone from blonde highlights, back to her natural color, to a deep cherry color. Through out each new look I made sure she knew what to expect, how she should care for her new color, and the types of products that would keep her hair  in tip top shape and maintain the style. Well today was texture aka PERM! Ahh! Not to worry, I walked her through the process, but I also got some info from her too. I made sure to ask if she had done anything to her hair since I had seen her last, and she told me that she used a non-permanent color rinse. Very good for me to know! I told her that this texture service was going to lighten up what she had put in her hair, and the regrowth line would be less apparent. She was fine with that, and since I had great information to work with, I was able to suggest a pre-treatment that would enhance and make the texture process better for her hair. Basically not fry it off. She was in love with her new texture, and walked away equipped knowing how to care for her new do.

The moral of the story is don’t just talk to your stylist about Kim K’s new baby drama. Make sure to ask questions, a good stylist WANTS to help you look your very best. After all YOU are your stylists’ best calling card.

~ Yvonne Rosales