Wedding Day Beauty: Contracts

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Before you get to sign that marriage certificate, you will have to sign many other contracts for your big day. Most wedding vendors have something they have you sign to ensure both parties are benefiting from the transaction. It will usually outline what and when you will receive products or services from the vendor and what/when you will be paying the vendor for those products and services rendered. Now with all of that said, this is the first...

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How To Look Your Best on your Wedding Day – Part II

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With so many details to attend to make your big day ​as amazing as possible, many brides leave hiring a beauty team (hair stylist & makeup artist) to the very ​end. Worse yet​,​ ​many brides think they can do it themselves! In ​the first part of our blog series, we discussed how to find your wedding team by asking the trusted experts you are already working with. ​This second installment addresses the Why​ of ​needing a wedding team on your...

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New Year, New DO!

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Is it time to update that do?  Now is the right time to get a new style and color. A new year can bring lots of changes, and many of us have a litany of resolutions that we would like to tackle. One of the easiest ways to get a new outlook on life, and see a new stylish you, is to change that do! We are going to take you through the steps on how to find a new look, and make that happen with your stylist. Remember from a recent blog post, your...

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How To: Curl Your Hair

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Check out Leah’s first video! She shows you how to curl your hair quickly and easily with a curling iron. By the way, you can leave these as-is if you’re looking for a longer cork-screw style curl, or you can rake your fingers through from top to bottom for a looser, messy-beachy look. Leave a comment if you have a question,...

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